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Sarah Mondegrin    
Autorin und Schreibbegleiterin  


Sarah Mondegrin's delightful walking tour of Franz Kafka and Dora Diamant's Steglitz reimagines their life together in Berlin 1923-24, in the green leafy neighborhood where they lived. As the author of Dora's biography, I found it a great pleasure to follow Kafka's footsteps on Sarah's walking tour, and enjoyed her playful approach to Kafka. Our group of eight women from the USA and Australia enjoyed Sarah's readings of Kafka and her retelling of Dora's story about Kafka and the lost doll. As the leader of the Magical Mystery Literary History Tour, I can report that it was indeed a magical tour, even in the rain. We ended with the final reading in a cozy pub with hot chocolate and great beer!

Kathi Diamant Adjunct Professor and Director, Kafka Project, SDSU Author, *Kafka's Last Love: The Mystery of Dora Diamant*

I thoroughly enjoyed my walk with Sarah and I even got to hold the milk pail. I think Sarah, by that very simple visual aid, helped me to understand that the area where Kafka lived all those years ago, was probably semi-rural. No now, a large City. I think it is great when a Guide has an opinion, not just facts. I can recommend her as a great tour guide.

Deborah Tabart
OAM Chief Executive Officer Australian Koala Foundation
Twitter: @DeborahTabart