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  Imagine Kafka

Imagine Kafka

Berlin was a destination of desire to Franz Kafka, for all his life, a glorious place – utterly out of reach.
He associated the city with contemporary literature, with Felice Bauer, his first fiancée, with his desire to escape Prague – and the yearning to lead a life beyond his family and the pressure of office-work.
Finally one year before he died from tuberculosis, he was happy to get there, together with Dora Diamant, an extraordinary young woman, he had met at the Baltic Sea in summer 1923.
Our walk is focused on this last period of his life. We have the immense pleasure to look at the house (from outside) where he lived in winter 1923/24 and to stand near the place in Muthesiusstraße where he wrote “A Little Woman”, a literary “monument” for his nasty landlady.
Enjoy listening to texts from and about him at original places. Look at trees which have seen him walking down the street ... with a milk-can ...
For me there is still a Kafka-Feeling in these streets and I ‘d like to share it with my guests.

When we walk:

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Where we start:
Schwartzsche Villa , Grunewaldstr. 55 12165 Berlin
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S(1)-Bahn / Rathaus Steglitz
U(9)-Bahn / Rathaus Steglitz
Bus / Rathaus Steglitz
M48, M82, M85, X83 170, 186, 188, 282, 283,284, 285, 380, N9, N88

Rates: 12 € per person, students 10 €